Wednesday, February 03, 2010

ImageText 5.1 Published

The new issue of ImageText, the journal about comics from the University of Florida, was just published. Here's the homepage for this issue. Contents include:


Graphic Whiteness and the Lessons of Chris Ware’s Jimmy CorriganJuda Bennett and Cassandra Jackson
Watchmen: The Graphic Novel as Trauma FictionBrandy Ball Blake
The Confluence of Heroism, Sissyhood, and Camp in The Rawhide Kid: Slap LeatherFrank Bramlett
"To the Stables, Robin": Regenerating the Frontier in Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight ReturnsTheo Finigan
Breaking the Frame: Political Acts of Body in the Televised Dark KnightDT Kofoed
"Mosaic Thresholds": Manifesting the Collection and Production of Comics in the works of Chris WareAaron Mauro
The Beautiful Ambiguity of Blankets: Comics Representation and Religious ArtBenjamin Stevens


"Now you will pay a dreadful penalty!": A Review of I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets! and You Shall Die by Your Own Evil Creation! by Fletcher HanksTerry Harpold


Notes on Contributors

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