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  • All-Star Auctions : Comic Art and Books. 122 West End Ave, Ridgewood, NJ  07450  USA

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On-Line Comics

  • Overboard : Companion to Bill Moyers' Close to Home series.


Ampersand's Home Page
Ampersand/The Ennead/Barry (take your pick) offers (amongst lots else) The How-To Guide to Comics .
Calendrier du Centenaire
French-language site listing events in comics history for each day of the year.
Comic Book Depot
Fan-related information and publisher links.
COMICLIST: New Comic Book Releases
Lists of new US comics as they're released to shops, week by week.
Swiss comics info, and more.
The Comic Page
An illustrated history of mainstream comic books in America.
Comics Australia
Very large site, with lots of information on Autrailian comics, from minis to mainstream, with interviews, a gallery, and more.
Comics Continuum
Large comics news site (USA focus).
Comic Book Sales Charts ana Analysis
Compiled for CBGxtra.
On-line comics from Tribune Media Services.
du 9 - l'autre bande dessinée  
Web magazine in French, very comprehensive.
Friends of Lulu
A national (US) organization designed to promote more female comics readers and creators.
Hong Kong Picture Archive: Comics
Growing site providing examples of important comics creators from Hong Kong.
indy Magazine
Insightful webzine.
Italian Comics Magazines of the '30s and '40s
English-language site, with information about and scans of these Italian magazines.
Jazma Comic Book Newsletter Productions
Offers the People's Comic Book Newsletter.
Jews in Comics
Annotated list of appearances by Jews in a variety of comics.
"Beyond Entertainment." News on comics, movies, and more.
Richard Garrison's Art of the Fantastic
A great collection of information on SF, Fantasy, and Comic Art, with a special focus on Roy G. Krenkel, plus links to several artist pages.
Univers BD
Magazine d'actualité de la bande dessinée.
The Wonderful World of Self-Published Comics
Pretty self-explanatory; features the The Small Press Comics FAQ
World Famous Comics
"A cyberhaven for comic book and entertainment fans."
Xeric Foundation
Information on grants for up-and-coming cartoonists.
Yahoo Comics and Animation

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