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Little Sammy Sneeze: The Complete Color Sunday Comics 1904-1905. By Winsor McCay; edited by Peter Maresca. Sunday Press Books, 2007. [not paginated]

Hardcover: ISBN-10: 0976888548  ||  ISBN-13: 9780976888543


[This book is not paginated, so the page numbers below have been listed assuming the first text page is Page One.]

A Word from the Editor - by Peter Maresca ... 1

Introduction - by John Canemaker ... 1

What's in a Sneeze? - by Thierry Smolderen ... 3

Hungry Henrietta - by Jeet Heer ... 4

Oh No, Not Again! He's Not Like the Other Kids - by Gene Kannenberg, Jr. ... 5

The Woozlebeasts: Featured Creatures - [by Peter Maresca?] ... 6

Loony Lyrics of Gustave Verbeek ... by Dan Nadel ... 6


Little Sammy Sneeze strips contine to the end of the book, on recto pages; the verso pages contain examples of John Prentiss Benson's The Woozlebeasts and Gustave Verbeek's Upside-Downs of Little Lady Lovekins and Old Man Muffaroo, along with the complete run of McCay's Hungry Henrietta.

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