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The Comics of Chris Ware: Drawing is a Way of Thinking. Edited by David M. Ball and Martha B. Kuhlman. University Press of Mississippi, 2010. 288 pp. 

Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-1604734430
Hardcover: ISBN-13: 978-1604734423
Library of Congress: PN6727.W285 Z63 2010 
Dewey: 741.5/973 22 
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Inventing cartooning ancestors : Ware and the comics canon / Jeet Heer

Masked fathers : Jimmy Corrigan and the superheroic legacy / Jacob Brogan

The limits of realism : alternative comics and middlebrow aesthetics in the anthologies of Chris Ware / Marc Singer

Chris Ware’s failures / David M. Ball

Chris Ware and the burden of art history / Katherine Roeder

In the comics workshop : Chris Ware and the oubapo / Martha B. Kuhlman

Comics and the grammar of diagrams / Isaac Cates

On modernism’s ruins : the architecture of "Building stories" and lost buildings / Daniel Worden

Chris Ware’s "Building stories," gentrification, and the lives of/in houses / Matt Godbey

Confronting the intersections of race, immigration, and representation in Chris Ware’s comics / Joanna Davis-McElligatt

Public and private histories in Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan / Shawn Gilmore

Autobiography with two heads : Quimby the Mouse / Benjamin Widiss

Chris Ware and the pursuit of slowness / Georgiana Banita

Imagining an idiosyncratic belonging : representing disability in Chris Ware’s "Building stories" / Margaret Fink Berman

Past imperfect : "Building stories" and the art of memory / Peter R. Sattler

Reviews / Features:

Worcester, Kent. 2010. [review.], April 8. [read]

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