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Comics and Ideology. Edited by Matthew P. McAllister, Edward H. Sewell, and Ian Gordon. Popular Culture and Everyday Life, Vol. 2. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2001. 320 pages.

Paperback: ISBN-10: 0820452491  //  ISBN-13: 978-0820452494
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Library of Congress: PN6714 .C645 2001  ||  Dewey: 741.5 21
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Publisher's Description: Superman's role in romanticizing commercialism; sexual violence in Japanese manga comics; Wonder Woman as Americanized immigrant; reader's reactions to the gay superhero Northstar; Dilbert as a workplace revolutionary; the Punisher's invasion of Vietnam--these are a few of the issues that Comics & Ideology addresses. Focusing on the intersection of social power and comic art, essays in this book explore how images and narratives in comic books and comic strips may portray social groups and social issues. As a scholarly examination of a form known as "the funnies" or "funny books," this book argues that the themes and characterizations in comic art are often quite serious. Essays take diverse theoretical perspectives such as cultural studies, political economy, feminist criticism, queer studies, and mythic analysis, all focusing on the relationship of comics to issues of social division.

Acknowledgments ... vii

List of Figures ... xi

1. Introducing Comics and Ideology - Matthew P. McAllister, Edward H. Sewell, Jr. and Ian Gordon ... 1 [Download PDF version - 125kb]

2. Ownership Concentration in the U.S. Comic Book Industry - Matthew P. McAllister ... 15

3. The Women's Suffragist Movement Through the Eyes of Life Magazine Cartoons - J. Robyn Goodman ... 39

4. Humor and Gender Politics: A Textual Analysis of the First Feminist Comic in Hong Kong - Wendy Siuyi Wong and Lisa M. Cuklanz ... 69 [WS Wong's website] [LM Cuklanz' website] [cartoonist Lily Lau's website]

5. "The Dominant Trope": Sex, Violence and Hierarchy in Japanese Comics for Men - Anne Cooper-Chen ... 99

6. The Tyranny of the Melting Pot Metaphor: Wonder Woman as the Americanized Immigrant - Matthew J. Smith ... 129

7. From Realism to Superheroes in Marvel's The 'Nam - Annette Matton ... 151

8. Nostalgia, Myth, and Ideology: Visions of Superman at the End of the "American Century" - Ian Gordon ... 177

9. Kevlar Armor, Heat-Seeking Bullets, and Social Order: A Mythological Reading of Judge Dredd - Matthew T. Althouse ... 195

10. Coming Out in Comic Books: Letter Columns, Readers and Gay and Lesbian Characters - Morris Franklin ... 221

11. Queer Characters in Comic Strips - Edward H. Sewell, Jr. ... 251

12. Power to the Cubicle-Dwellers: An Ideological Reading of Dilbert - Julie Davis ... 275

List of Contributors ... 301

Reviews / Features:

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Singer, Marc. 2003. [review.] International Journal of Comic Art 5.1 (Spring): 391-93.

Wolf-Meyer, Matthew. 2001. [review] Reconstruction 1.1 (Fall). on-line

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