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Wertham, Fredric. Seduction of the Innocent. New York & Toronto: Reinhart, 1954. 400pp[?].

  • Publisher's Note ... v
  • Acknowledgments ... vii
  1. "Such Trivia as Comic Books": Introducing the Subject  ... 1
  2. "You Always Have to Slug 'Em": What Are Crime Comic Books? ... 17
  3. The Road to the Child: Methods of Examination ... 54
  4. The Wrong Twist: The Effects of Comic Books on the Child ... 83
  5. Retooling for Illiteracy: The Influence of Comic Books on Reading ... 119
  6. Design for Delinquency: The Contribution of Crime Comic Books to Juvenile Delinquency ... 147
  7. "I Want to be a Sex Maniac!": Comic Books and the Psychosexual Development of Children ... 173
  8. "Bumps and Bulges": Advertising in Comic Books ... 195
  9. The Experts for the Defense: The Scientiic Promotion of Comic Books ... 251
  10. The Upas Tree: Making and Makers of Comic Books ... 251
  11. Murder in Dawson Creek: The Comic Books Abroad ... 273
  12. The Devil's Allies: The Struggle Against the Comic-Book Industry ... 295
  13. Homicade at Home: Television and the Child ... 353
  14. The Triumph of Dr. Payn: Comic Books Today and the Future ... 385
  • Bibliographical Note ... 399

Reviews in Print
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  • Scholz, Carter,  "Seducing the Innocent."  [essay on Wetham's works.]  Comics Journal 80 (March 1983): 43-45, 47, 49-50, 52-53.
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