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Lent, John A., ed. Cartooning in Latin America. Hampton Press, 2005. 396pp. ISBN 1572735600 (cloth), 1572735619 (paper).

Publisher's on-line information

  • Latin American Comic Art: An Overview, John A. Lent
  • Argentine Comics: History, Andrés Accorsi
  • Argentine Comics Today: A Foreigner’s Perspective, Jeff Williams
  • Oesterheld, The Literacy Voice of Argentine Comics, Ana Merino
  • “Inodoro Pereyra,” a “Gaucho” in the Pampa of Paper and Ink, Ana Merino
  • Children’s Comics in Brazil: From Chiquinho to Mônica, a Difficult Journey, Waldomiro C.S. Vergueiro
  • Brazilian Adult Comics: The Age of Market, Nadilson Manoel da Silva
  • Brazilian Superheroes in Search of Their Own Identities, Waldomiro C.S. Vergueiro
  • Brazilian Pornographic Comics: Eroticism in the World of Carlos Zéfiro. Waldomiro C.S. Vergueiro
  • The Comic Book in a “Revolutionary Process”: Chile in 1973, David Kunzle
  • Chile’s La Firme versus ITT, David Kunzle
  • Chile’s Pepo, Much More Than a Condorito, Jorge Montealegre Iturra
  • Vignette: El Condor Pasa (The Passage of the Condor)
  • Comics Production in Colombia, Daniel Rabanal
  • Vignette: Comic Art in Colombia: A Short Historical Journey
  • Cuban Political, Social Commentary Cartoons, John A. Lent
  • Parallel Lives: A History of Comics and Animated Cartoons in Cuba, Dario Mogno
  • Always the Other One: Salomón Caridad Blanco de la Cruz
  • Dawn, Noon, and Dusk of a Tumultuous Narrative: The Evolution of Mexican Comic Art, Armando Bartra
  • Róger Sánchez’s “Humor Erótico” and the Semana Cómica: A Sexual Revolution in Sandinista Nicaragua?, David Kunzle
  • Peruvian Comics: The Early Years, Mario Lucioni
  • Conversations with Three Peruvian Cartoonists, John A. Lent and Teresa Archambeault
  • Cartooning in Uruguay: A Short History, Daniel Puch
  • (Mis)fortune in a High Barren Plain: A Personal View of Comic Art in Uruguay, Carlos M. Federici
  • Venezuela’s Alonso and the Art of Leaving it All to Art, Gisela Gil-Egui
  • Author Index
  • Subject Index

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