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Callahan, Bob, ed. The New Smithsonian Book of Comic-Book Stories: From Crumb to Clowes. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Books, 2004. 398pp. ISBN 1588341836 (hc) 
Acknowledgments ... vii
Introduction: No More Yielding But a Dream, Bob Callahan ... 1

PART ONE: The Undergrounds
I Remember the Sixties, R. Crumb ... 20
The Death of Fat Freddy, Gilbert Shelton and Paul Mavrides ... 25
Karla in Commieland, Kim Deitch ... 31
Down at the Kitty Kat, Spain ... 41
Sweet Void of Youth, Justin Green ... 47
Labor, Carol Tyler .... 53
Jack the Bellboy and Mr. Boats, Harvey Pekar and R. Crumb ... 57

PART TWO: Silver Age of Superheroes
The Strange Death of Captain America, Stan Lee and Jim Steranko ... 64
The Hate Monger, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby ... 85
Enemy Ace, Bob Kanigher and Joe Kubert ... 107
The Final Chapter, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko ... 122

PART THREE: A RAW Generation
Izzy the Cockroach and the Meaning of Life, Will Eisner ... 144
Farewell to Charlie Chaplin, Rick Geary ... 162
The Three Swans, Melinda Gebbie .... 165
Nervous Rex: The Malpractice Suite, Art Spiegelman ... 169
Dream of the Pork Rinds Fiend, KAZ ... 171
Robot Love, Charles Burns ... 172
Jimbo, Gary Panter ... 178
The Honeymoon [from Maus], Art Spiegelman ... 187

PART FOUR: Dark Fiction and Deep Fantasy
Born Again, Frank Miller with Klaus Jackson [sic] and Lynn Varley ... 204
Dr. Manhattan, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons ... 229
A Midsummer Night's Dream, Neil Gaiman with art by Charles Vess and Malcom Jones III ... 257

PART FIVE: The Contemporary Edge
Hebron, Joe Sacco ... 282
Locos, Jaime Hernandez ... 286
The Do-Nothing Decade, Dori Seda ... 294
Caricature, Daniel Clowes ... 297
Near Miss, David Mazzuchelli ... 313
Nobody Left at Café Guerbois, Eddie Campbell ... 322
The Bard Must Die, Frank Stack ... 324

PART SIX: A Contemporary Feast [color section]
From Jimmy Corrigan, Chris Ware ... 360
San Francisco, Lynda Barry ... 376
Peeker, Jim Woodring ... 382
Architectural Curiosities, Ben Katchor ... 387

For Further Reading ... 394
Notes on the New Smithsonian Book of Comic-Book Artists ... 396

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