Olshevsky, George.  The Marvel Comics Index Vol. 1, No. 9B: Daredevil. Toronto: G & T Enterprises, 1979[?].

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Author's Note: ... inside front cover
A Brief Guide to Using This Index ... 2
Synopsis: Daredevil ... 3
Magazine: Daredevil, Man Without Fear ... 6
Magazine: Daredevil, Man Without Fear (Annual) ...68
Magazine: Giant-Size Daredevil ... 70
Magazine: Marvel Adventure ... 71
Synopsis: The Black Panther ... 72
Magazine: Jungle Action ... 75
Magazine: Black Panther ... 85
Synopsis: Shanna the She-Devil ... 90
Magazine: Shanna the She-Devil ... 91
Synopsis: Black Goliath ... 93
Magazine: Black Goliath ... 93
Synopsis: The Human Fly ... 95
Magazine: The Human Fly ... 96
Synopsis: Dazzler ... 102
Magazine: Dazzler ... 102
Personnel Cross-Index ...  107
Major Characters Cross-Index ... 109

inside front cover:
Conceived and compiled by George Olshevsky
Produced by George Olshevsky and Tony Frutti
Front Cover [and back, wrap around]--Frank Miller (design and pencils)
                                       Josef Rubinstein (design and inking)
                                       Steve Oliff (coloring)
Contents Page--Rick Hoberg (pencils)
                        Bill Wray (inking)
Typography--George Olshevsky
Layouts--Tony Frutti
Color Separations--Sunset Graphics
                            San Diego, CA
Photography--Burnett Litho Negatives
                     San Diego, CA
Color Printing--Journal Printing Co.
                      Carthage, IL 62321
Printing--Stevens Publishing Co.
             Astoria, IL 61501
Distribution--Pacific Comics Distributors
                  4887 Ronson Court, Suite E
                  San Diego, CA 92111
Dedicated to Stan Lee and The Marvel Bullpen

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