Olshevsky, George.  The Marvel Comics Index Vol. 1, No. 8B: Heroes from Tales of Suspense Book Two: Iron Man and Others. Toronto: G & T Enterprises, December 1978.

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Synopsis: The Invincible Iron Man ... 4
Magazine: Iron Man and Sub-Mariner ... 6
Magazine: The Invincible Iron Man ... 6
Magazine: The Invincible Iron Man  (Annual) ... 46
Magazine: Giant-Size Iron Man ... 48
Notes: Amazing Adventures and the Inhumans ... 48
Magazine: Amazing Adventures ... 50
Magazine: The Inhumans ... 64
Synopsis: Some Short-Run Heroes ... 68
Magazine: The Cat ... 70
Magazine: Ms. Marvel ...  72
Magazine: The Man Called Nova ... 79
Magazine: Omega the Unknown ... 86
Magazine: Skull the Slayer ... 90
Personnel Cross-Index ... 94
Major Characters Cross-Index ... 96

[pages 101 - 104, blank as is inside back cover]

inside front cover:
Conceived and compiled by George Olshevsky
Produced by George Olshevsky and Tony Frutti
Front Cover [and back, wrap around]--Ken Steacy
Contents Page--Franc Reyes
Typography--George Olshevsky
Layouts--Tony Frutti
Photography--Newsweb Enterprise
                    Toronto, Ontario
Color--Empress Litho
          Toronto, Ontario
Color Printing--Journal Printing Co.
                      Carthage, Illinois
Printing--Stevens Publishing Co.
             Astoria, Illinois
Dedicated to Stan Lee and The Marvel Bullpen

along bottom inside front cover:

THE MARVEL COMICS INDEX, Vol. 1, No. 8B, HEROES FROM TALES OF SUSPENSE, BOOK TWO: IRON MAN AND OTHERS, December, 1978.  Published two issues per quarter by G & T Enterprises, P.O. Box 127, Station T, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6B 3Z9. Editorial address: P.O. Box 11021, San Diego. California 92111. All illustrative material, characters and story titles in the MARVEL COMICS INDEX are Copyright (c) 1978 MARVEL COMICS GROUP, a division of Cadence Industries Corporation, and are reproduced and published with written permission.  All rights to such material are reserved by the MARVEL COMICS GROUP. Subscriptions to the MARVEL COMICS INDEX: $15.00 for the next four issues.Distributed in North America (except Toronto) exclusively by Sea Gate Distributors, Inc.,  P.O. Box 177, Coney Islands Station, Brooklyn, New York 11224 and Bud Plant, P.O. Box 1886, Grass Valley, California 95945. Printed in the United States of America.

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