Olshevsky, George.  The Marvel Comics Index Vol. 1, No. 4: The Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer. Toronto: G & T Enterprises, Julyy 1977.

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CONTENTS: ...  [1]
A Brief Guide to Using This Index ...  2
Author's Note: ... 3

[in these notes George talks about: I. Delays; II. Index Reorganization; III. Cover Photographs; IV. Miscellany ... [3]
V. Corrections [to the previous issues of the index] ... [4]]
Synopsis: Fantastic Four ... 5
Notes: Marvel Boy of the 1950s ... 10
Magazine: The Fantastic Four ... 15
Magazine: The Fantastic Four Annual ...  77
Magazine: Giant-Size Super-Stars ...  82
Magazine: Giant-Size Fantastic Four ... 83
Magazine: The Human Torch ... 85
Synopsis: The Silver Surfer ...  89
Magazine: The Silver Surfer ... 90
Cross-Index of Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer Stories by Personnel ... 97
Cross-Index of Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer Stories by Major Characters ... 98

inside front cover:
Conceived and compiled by George Olshevsky
Produced by George Olshevsky and Tony Frutti
Front Cover--Jim Steranko
Contents page [illustration]--Peter Iro
Layouts--Ink Spot Graphics
Cover Photos--Newsweb Enterprise
Printing--Stevens Publishing Company [no address]
Dedicated to Stan Lee and The Marvel Bullpen

along bottom inside front cover:

THE MARVEL COMICS INDEX, Vol. 1, No. 4, THE FANTASTIC FOUR AND THE SILVER SURFER, July 1977. Published bimonthly by G & T Enterprises, 260 Wellesley Street East, No. 2203, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4X 1G6. All illustrative material, the cover logo, characters and story titles in the MARVEL COMICS INDEX are Copyright (c) 1977 MARVEL COMICS GROUP, a division of Cadence Industries Corporation, and are reproduced and published with written permission.  All rights to such material are reserved by the MARVEL COMICS GROUP. Subscriptions for issues 5-8, $18.00. Printed in the U.S.A.

inside back cover:
Note: Parts VII - XIV will be reorganized (see Author's Note this issue). (This table of contents includes only those titles which have been published as of this issue of THE MARVEL COMICS INDEX; titles as yet unpublished cannot - of course - be included.) [He then lists the table of contents of Parts (volumes) I through XIV] [on back cover, notices as to what is still available and what is to come next]

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