Lent, John A., ed. Themes and Issues in Asian Cartooning: Cute, Cheap, Mad and Sexy. Bowling Green, OH: Popular Press, 1999. 212pp. ISBN 0879727799 (cloth), 0879727802 (paper). 

Asian Cartooning: Overviews, Representations, Receptions
  1. An Overview of Malay Humor Magazines: Significance, Origins, Contents, Texts, and Audeinces - Ronald Provencher ... 11
  2. Global Division of Cultural Labor and Korean Animation Industry - Kie-Un Yu ... 37
  3. Islam, Animation, and Money: The Reception af Disney's Aladdin in Southeast Asia - Tomothy R, White and J. Emmett Winn ... 61
  4. Singapore's Mr. Kiasu, Kiasu Krossover, Kiasu Max, and Kiasu the Xtraman: Comics Reflecting a Nation's Personality and Popular Culture - Linda K. Fuller ... 77
Gender and Asian Comics
  1. Cure but Deadly: Women and Violence in Japanese Comics - Kanako Shiokawa ... 93
  2. Dimensions of Desire: Sex, Fanatsy, and Fetish - Setsu Shigematsu ... 127
  3. Goddess/Demon, Warrior/Visitm: Representations of Women in Indian Comics - Aruna Rao ... 165
  4. The Social Production of Gender as Reflected in Two Japanese Culture Industry Products: Sailormoon and Crayon Shin-Chan - Mary Grigsby ... 183

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