Gravett, Paul. Manga: Sixty Years of Japanese Comics. London: Lawrence King / New York: Harper Design International, 2004. 176pp. ISBN 1856693910 (paper).
  1. Catch Up, Overtake: The Medium, the industry, the market, the profession ... 10
  2. Japanese Spirit, Western Learning: Roots in traditional arts and imported cartoons and strips ... 18
  3. The Father Storyteller: The life and roel of Osamu Tezuks, originator of story manga ... 24
  4. From a Darker Place: Gekiga or 'dramatic pictures' from pay libraries to newsstands ... 38
  5. Boys are Forever: Boys' comics as the driving force of manga ... 52
  6. Through a Woman's Eyes: The genres and genders of girls' and women's comics ... 74
  7. Developing Maturity: The mass market for young males and adult men grows up ...  96
  8. The All-Encompassing: A medium for every taste, interest and stage of life ... 116
  9. Personal Agendas: The individualism of underground, fanzine and art comics subcultures ... 132
  10. Culture and Imperialsim: Manga as a major export and global influence ... 132

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